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A couple of days ago, Judy from Cheery Tomato Productions tagged me. She asked me to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself. Only six?? I thought about it for a bit, and I came up with the following:

1. I never sleep. Well, I do a little, but I feel like if I sleep too long, I’m wasting valuable beading time.

2. I have a subscription to 2 beading magazines (Bead & Button & Beadwork) but I hardly ever make time to read them. And, as a result, I think I’ve let my Beadwork subscription run out!

3. I’m always snacking on something while I’m doing beadwork. Usually popcorn, nuts, or dried fruit. Gotta keep up my strength!

4. I almost never go to bead shows, in fact I haven’t been to one in 3 years. :0

5. When I go bead shopping, I usually just go in, get the colours I need, then leave. I usually don’t hang around the store looking at things I don’t need.

6. Even though my beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine is nowhere near complete, I’m already thinking about my next piece… :0

I know I’m supposed to tag six people now, but I’m too tired for that (since I never sleep). Instead, please tell me 6 quirks about yourself when you leave a comment. They’d better be good! 😉

10 thoughts on “>Six Quirks

  1. >1. I can write backwards 2. I am a daily cat napper.3. I am really bad with arithmetic.4. I am usually thinking about my next writing project even before my current one is done.5. Chocolate is the 8th Wonder of The World.6. I wear really strong prescritive lenses which would make beading so hard for me! So I’ll leave the art of it all to you.

  2. >Hi Judy. The reason why I still get B&B is because my work has been published in it 3 times last year… 3 outta 6 isn’t bad… *blush*And, I do look for vintage & unusual beads, too. But, I generally don’t find those at my local bead shop. I’d have to go to a bead show or an antiques market. I also look for unusual materials (not beads) that can be incorporated into my artwork.

  3. >Thanks for sharing your quirks!I get a million art/craft magazines, and I definitely don’t read them all. I stopped subscribing to Bead&Button a couple years ago, and now I’m thinking about letting Beadwork go, too. I have done less than 5 magazine projects over the years!You are one focused bead shopper! I am always on the lookout for vintage and unusual beads, and I can usually justify buying at least some of them…. ;-}

  4. >LOL! Corky, you are too funny. If there were a cute bead guy behind the counter, sure I would!! Givethemhell, I try to eat only healthy snacks so I usually don’t have to worry about that… Lisa, I like your quirks! You are imaginitive! I have nightmares, too, but luckily not on a regular basis. And, when I was in London I loved eating outside even in the cold rainy weather, so I can understand sitting outside in the snow. It kind of makes you feel one with nature, I think…

  5. >six quirks about myself:-i often visit art supply stores just to stand in front of the huge display of the large oil paint tubes and pretend i’m there to buy them all with my fortunes from just having a sold out show…-when working on a painting, i’ll sometimes pretend i’m working on a portrait of a famous person and they are sitting front of me posing…-i’m a chocoholic-i can write one sentence with one hand and a different sentence with the other backwards…-i have nightmares on a regular basis…actually it’s ghosts trying to contact me, yes for real…-i bundle up to sit outside in the snow during sunny afternoons to have my latte break…my neighbours think i’m strange but i find it invigorating…to answer your question about ‘joseph’s’, i think it was a men’s store at one time but it looked like it closed a few months prior to my taking the photo…

  6. >My sister is big into knitting and scrap booking. She gets like a thousand magazines each month on these things. She can’t possibly be reading the mags and getting all that knitting and scrap booking done at the same time. Sleep is overrated. Who needs it?

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