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A few months ago, I submitted two slides of my beadwork to Upstream People Gallery‘s 10th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibit. Both of my pieces, Engine Co. 6 and The End, were accepted into the show. Well, today when I checked the website, I was surprised to see that both of my pieces are displayed in reverse! Click the image to see for yourself:

Upstream People Gallery Lone Beader Bead Embroidery Beadwork Realism Exhibition

I had to laugh when I saw that. The slides must have been copied upside-down by accident! This is funny to me because I’ve been reversing my beaded images using Photoshop just for fun in my blog posts lately anyways. I just sent the gallery a message to notify them of this mistake, but I doubt they’ll fix it. It is also funny that my real name is displayed, but it is even funnier that I am annoyed at that. LOL. I submitted this entry long before I decided to go anonymous with my beadwork. I did email Upstream People Gallery a few weeks ago asking them to change my name. Either they never received the message, or they thought I was joking, so I’m sure they won’t fix that either…

Despite all that, the good thing is, my work got a Special Recognition in the Juror’s Statement! I was very pleased to see that! Now, maybe I’ll think about entering the upcoming 10th Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition… :0

Update: The images have been fixed, and my alias has been added. Cool. 😀

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  1. >It’s really nice to hear about someone who listened and corrected their errors. I think you have this bead embroidery down pretty well (referring to later post of yours).

  2. >Well, it is weird how they (the gallery) treat the artists before and after a show isn’t it? I’m always amazed. But, strong from a juror is very good.

  3. >I was by here earlier today. Tasha, my VA supplied caretaker, was reading over my shoulder as I read comments to my blog and asked, “What is a Loan Beader?” So I clicked over and we explored everything you’ve got posted. Tasha was so impressed that she asked how she could learn to make such beautiful creations.

  4. >Christine & Faz! Thanks for the comment! Coincidentally, I’m planning a trip to Prague right now! :)And, to …………………: about a month ago, I decided to continue beading under my alias name only. You can read the reason why HERE. It’s just the right thing to do. 😀

  5. >Well done you despite the back to front images. Shows your art works from any angle. Sorry we haven’t visited for a bit we’ve been in Prague on a film shoot for a TV commercial for an anti-wrinkle cream – not terribly exciting but better than digging ditches. Luv us

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