>Bee a Beader


Yesterday, I received a very special gift from my friend’s little sister, Angelique. She is 8 years old, and I just love her. I understand that she has quite a large bead collection, and is learning how to make beaded jewelry. So, I gave her a few beaded bracelets that I made awhile back. This is what she made for me:

Lone Beader 4 Life Pin, Bee. Kids Beading, Child Art Bead Embroidery Beads

Two buttons that she made with her button-maker! One is a paper-clip, and the other is a magnet! The one on the left says Lone Beader 4 Life, and the other says “Bee a Beader”! Aren’t those wicked cool?? I love the one with the bee; that is so creative! I’ll keep that one near my computer where I see it everyday. And, the statement about me being a ‘Lone Beader 4 Life’ is right on!! Thanks, Angelique! You’re sweet! 😀

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  1. >I love the little bee too. I used to paint bees like that on the pots I made.You were quick off the mark to my new posting! I had only just published it!! Thanks for coming over.Lorenzo.

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