>The Mastertape


When I was in London last month, I went to see my favourite band, Porcupine Tree, play at the Kentish Town Forum. I met up with a friend to go see the show, and we were lucky enough to get very close to the stage. Sometime during the show, I could feel the power of the music coming through the speakers, and at that very moment, I could feel my hair blowing in the wind. That was the inspiration for my first beaded self portrait, the Maxell Girl.


Lone Beader Beaded self portrait Maxell Chair Girl. Porcupine Tree. Bead embroidery painting(click to enlarge)
It’s true. My Creator has a mastertape, and this morning, I actually listened to it. I painted this fiery red & orange Planet Earth on a 16″ x 20″ canvas. I think I painted for almost 3 hours. So far, I like it, but my Creator says it’s not complete… :0

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  1. >How many artists would give a fortune for beaded self portrait with a firey red & orange planet as the foil??? Answer: All of them!I’ll be interested to see if you go with the majority on the voting, or if it helps you make up your own mind.

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