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Thank you for all of your comments on my last post! You really made me feel a lot better:) All I know is, right now, it’s late at night and I’m busy beading my self-portrait, the Maxell Girl. I’m also blogging, drinking beer, and listening to rock music at the same time. That must mean I’m back to normal… right?

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Now that I think about it, sometimes it’s hard for me to do beadwork without the beer and the music… And, sometimes, it’s hard for me to listen to music without doing beadwork, blogging, and drinking beer! And, I do all of this alone! Of course, now that I wrote that, some might think that perhaps I have a drinking problem, but it could also be a blogging or beading problem! So many problems… What’s a bead artist to do?? 😉

I was thinking about this today, so I asked myself the following questions to see if I actually have a beading addiction or not:

Have you ever decided to stop beading for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?
Yes, but in my case, it is a much shorter time period..

Do you wish people would mind their own business about your beading and stop telling you whatto bead? Yes. I bead what I want to bead when I want to bead it.

Have you ever switched from one kind of beading technique to another in the hope that this would keep you from beading so much?
Yes, and I always come back to bead embroidery.

Do you envy people who bead simple projects that only take a few hours to complete?
Yes. Sometimes I would like to experience instant gratification, too.

Have you had problems connected with beading during the past year?
Yes. I often run out of the beads I’m using, and I have run to the bead shop to get more!

Has your beading ever caused problems at home?
Yes. Every once in awhile, I spill a whole box of seed beads on the floor. Then, I have to pick every one of them up! Of course, that’s never successful, and I continue to find those beads around the house throughout the year!

Do you ever buy ‘extra’ beads because you think you won’t have enough?
All the time.

Have you missed days of work because of beading?
Yes, in fact, several times this year. I will admit it:)

Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not bead?
Not for a minute!

Well. Looks like there’s a problem, Houston…

If you enjoy doing beadwork, ask yourself the above questions in private. If you have answered yes to three or more, you may have a beading problem, too.

Welcome to Beaders Anonymous;)

15 thoughts on “>Beaders Anonymous

  1. >If you spill seed beads again, put old pantyhose or something similar over the little circle part of your vacuum, secure them with a rubber band and you can vacuum them up into it. Take the pantyhose off by scooping from the leg part before you turn the vacuum off and stop the suction, and then you have then all together – and off the floor.

  2. >well that is it! I am definetly a BeadAHolic and very proud of it! We should all have a pledge to keeping beads alive!!! Merry Christmas! Bead away!

  3. >Of course I’m addicted to beads! Would any of us be doing BJP if we were not? Silly girl. My preference is a glass of wine, classical music and as many beads as my tray will hold. Of course, if I drink more that a glass, I may have to nap. LOLGreat blog subject.Arline

  4. >I admit it – I too have an addiction to beads. I like red wine and beads and I watch tv. Well, really I listen to it. Sometimes I think it would be good to listen to a novel, but I haven’t done that yet.So, how do you organize your beads and what does your stash look like? Inquiring minds and all!cheers, Denise

  5. >Even when I could drink, two beers and any floor in the world seemed like a comfy bed to me. I’d never be able to bead and have a beer. Give me beads instead! And yes I am rolling on the floor, etc.

  6. >Lone, You have interesting blog and enjoyed reading from it. My mother use to bead rings back in the 70’s for extra money. She sold them to the women she worked with and made more money on them at times than her paycheck. You go girl….

  7. >There are worse addictions, Diana! ;DEh, I sometimes bring a glass of wine out to the garagio in the evening – turn on the radio and just let the hours wile away.Now, if I was doing that at 8 am, I might get a little worried.Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  8. >Hi my name is Crymson and I have a Beading Addiction!!! but I guess I’m not ready to get help yet b/c I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinkin beer, listening to music, and beading! maybe I’ll join ya!

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