>Wordless Wednesday: Acetaminophen


Welcome to the first Not-So-Wordless Wednesday edition of The Lone Beader.
Beaded Self Portrait. Maxell Girl. World's worst headache. White Stripes No Faith in Medicine. De Stijl.(click to enlarge)
I wanted to get more beadwork done, but right now, I have possibly the world’s worst headache. It is a head cold that has persisted since Sunday. My head is throbbing so bad, it feels like a Mack truck hit me! You’d think I would have gone to the doctor for some painkillers, but I simply have no faith in medicine:/
The White Stripes …

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25 thoughts on “>Wordless Wednesday: Acetaminophen

  1. >Awwww… thanks for all the comments. I just slept for 9 hours, and my head is getting better, although it still hurts a little… And, a doctor’s prescription is usually neccessary for the REAL painkillers. LOL!

  2. >Ok maybe that music (which we old people call ‘noise’) has something to do with the pounding in your head.I have faith in aleve. It only masks the symptoms but WHAT A MASK!I’m still sick – momentary lapse of health set in yesterday – and I’m going to take a couple to get through today.xxpinks

  3. >That’s one cool thing! and I hope your headache will get better soon..Here’s mine for today!Yen’s WordlessHappy Holidays!!!

  4. >LOL!The Lone Beader looks AWESOME as the Maxell girl! That was a great interview. I wonder if that’s how they found my tute (through ur links?)Oh, and I was just going down the list of all the B&B’s u’ve been in, and, dare I say it? I’m a tad envious… But just a tad… ;p

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