>Beading in Mono


I’m sure the image below just looks like a beaded rectangle to some, but it’s actually a bead- embroidered vintage Bang & Olufsen stereo. This is just a small part of what will eventually be my first beaded pop art self-portrait. Also, you may notice that I used different beads than the ones shown in my last post -size 8 matte black seed beads, and some iridescent twisted bugle beads. I want my stereo system to look different than the chair in my drawing.

Beaded Bang & Olufsen stereo mono Chuck Berry Rudolph

And, I say stereo, but today I’m listening in mono. Chuck Berry‘s Run Run Rudolph is just a little example that proves the best recordings sound great coming out of any speaker.


Maxell Girl. Blown Away Chair Guy. Beaded self-portrait. 1980's ad.

I bet my little piece of beadwork looks like a stereo now… 🙂

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