>Les Delicas


Here are a few more felt shapes I’ve cut out for my beaded pop art self-portrait. To the far left, you’ll see the felt foundation for what will be a beaded Bang & Olufsen stereo. And, on the right, you see the Maxell Girl (me) sitting in what will be my beaded version of a Le Corbusier club chair with a lamp next to her. After I cut out all of these felt shapes, I used small amounts of Elmer’s glue to stick them together.

Hitachi Maxell Blown Away Guy. 1980's Chair Girl. Beaded Pop Art Self Portrait.

Next, I’ve gathered together the supplies I need to get started on my beadwork, including:

Beading needles
Nymo thread
Thread Heaven
Embroidery scissors

You’ll also see a copper ring that I wear on occasion. It makes clipping thread very convenient, because you don’t have to reach for the scissors. Plus, it’s great for traveling.

Bead embroidery supplies. The Lone Beader

And, here are some beads I picked up at Beaucoup Beads the other day:

Les Delicas. Miyuki seed beads for bead embroidery

The off-whites will be used for the lampshade, the shell-coloured seed beads will be used for my skin, and the black 1/2 bugle beads & twisted bugle beads will be used for the chair. I also picked up 3 tubes of Delicas. Like Maxell recording media, Delicas are made in Japan. They are the world’s most uniform seed beads, and they are available in more colours than one could ever dream of. I don’t usually use these because they are so uniform in size, and they are quite pricey, but I loved the colours. I chose Matte Metallic Khaki, Peach Topaz Gold, and Variegated Taupe. My thought is to mix those 3 colours together to use for beaded hair… We’ll see how that works out…

Now, I’m finally ready to start beading.
Where do you think I’ll start first??

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  1. >I’m really enjoying this one as it is coming together. Can’t wait to see what surprises you have for us along the way as you never disappoint!Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  2. >I totally love Delicas for a lot of projects because of their uniformity. For example when doing beading on a loom. And their big holes! Got to love room to make several passes with thread in a bead.

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