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  1. >I look forward to watching this one develop, as I do all of your projects. Your commentary on the sketch actually goes in line with my thoughts for the day…be BOLD!

  2. >I would wear this. In deed, I have worn clothes and shoes like this … 😉 I can’t wear long skirts cause I am so small. Short skirts make my legs look longer. 😀

  3. >This is going to be AWESOME!I need to add a LB piece to my collection and this just might be it! I will will fight Captain Corky to the death for it! LOL!I’ve very excited for this one!

  4. >Is that you, you little sex pot!Not sure when you visited my blog. I have been editing the photos this morning and adding a couple of new ones. I have only just learned to crop pictures and am having great fun!Lorenzo.

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