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Thanks for all the comments on my last post, and thanks for stopping by my mobile blog! My week in London, England was wonderful! I feel very accomplished because I did everything on my list, and then some… I even met up with blogger pal, Pink, for a lovely evening on the South Bank. I’ll try to post some photos within the next couple of days so you can see:)

One of my favourite days of the week was Tuesday when I explored Brick Lane again. Very interesting part of town. Brick Lane is primarily a Bangladeshi neighborhood with a lot of history. I tried to locate more of Banksy‘s street art there, but I found that most of it had already been buffed or painted over. However, I did manage to find his Designated Graffiti Area stencil in The Cargo area:)

Later in the week, I did a bit of shopping. I found 3 more bead shops in the city: The London Bead Shop, Buffy’s Beads, and Bead Aura. I did buy a few beads here and there, but I saved my Pounds for the Covent Garden Antiques Market. There, I found these timeless treasures:

Victorian watch faces. Covent Garden Antiques Market. London, England.

The man who sold me these antique clock parts said they are from pocket watches from the Victorian era. The enamel on some of the faces are cracked and damaged, but I think that adds to their character… Just imagine what I could do with these… 🙂

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  1. >Welcome home Beadie!! It was great to see you. I’m glad we caught up Monday – turns out the rest of the week went wild – was out every night either with work drinks or the partners at Chelsea Football club or meeting other friends from Uni in town. So glad you decided to come out Monday :)xxpinksPS – don’t forget the minkys out of Boston Harbour. I think autumn is the whale watching time in Boston but it might be late now. Not entirely sure.xx

  2. >London is definitely a place i would like to go. Those watch faces are great. I would have purchased them too.i went my your mobile blog and can’t wait to see more photos.

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