>What Happens Now?


Beaded Banksy hugging skeletons skull. Gas Masks WWIIIIt’s a shame that I had to cover up the faces of my beaded hugging skeletons with gas masks, but it had to be done. To me, these skeletons represent the future of mankind as long as we continue to be at war with one another. In World War III, mankind will be the living dead in a Hell on Earth. There will be so much catastrophic destruction that even the dead will have to protect themselves from airborne pollutants and toxic materials. Even the dead will fear for their lives. And, even the dead will hold on to their loved ones until The End.

Beaded Banksy pink car. Graffiti Helicopter. Brick Lane, London. WWIII.(click to enlarge)

This may be what the future holds, but what happens now?

This evening, I’m going to board a plane headed for London, England, and I plan to stay there for a week. I guess you could call it research, because I do plan to return to Brick Lane to see the Banksy pink car again. I also plan to:

Check out some fireworks tomorrow night.

Go to the National Portrait Gallery to see Pop Art Portraits.

Go to the Tate Modern to see Shibboleth.

Go see the British musical, Blood Brothers.

Go antiquing at Antiquarius or Bermondsey market.

Seek out a new bead shop or two.

Stop by Laz Inc. Gallery to look for Banksys.

Stop by the Ten Bells Pub where Jack the Ripper hung out :0

Go see Porcupine Tree at the Forum=:)

If you’d like to check out some of the sights I see in London, as well, please stop by my mobile blog, Adventures of LB. And, as far as my beadwork goes, you’ll just have to wait and see what happens next… Until then, have a great week, and I’ll see you when I return…

17 thoughts on “>What Happens Now?

  1. >Awesome!!! I love the skeletons! Now what it represents is a little scary. With the way everything is now a days, you just never know what the future will hold..Have a great weekend!

  2. >Did you hear Banksy has been spotted after all this time? They had a photo of him in The Times last week or at least they think it was him. My husband said “you must tell the Lone Beader” – you’re getting famous in our house. Christine

  3. >Oh, I’m jealous you’re leaving on a jet plane to London! I hope you have a terrific time and a safe journey.WOuldn’t that be cool, if you ran into Banksy!

  4. >I’m glad you’ve been photographing the work as you go along. Those photos documenting its creation are themselves important art. I can imagine a film made of the process.Have fun in London. If you see Pink, give her a hug from me.

  5. >Oh I’m so jealous. I spent my teen years going to school in London and loved it. My best friends dad had a stall in Portabello Road and I used to hang out there and too many places to mention.Have LOts of fun. look forward to seeing the pics.

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