Hot Off the Press!

Today, I was pleasantly greeted by my mail carrier who handed me an envelope from Bead & Button Magazine. Inside was an advance copy of the December 2007 Issue. My Great Blue Heron bead-painting is published in the ‘Your Work’ section! The funny thing is, I forgot all about this, so it was a very nice surprise! Click the images below for a sneak peek:

Bead & Button Magazine Cover December 2007. Diana Lynn Grygo. The Lone Beader.

You can view a larger photo of my piece on Bead & Button’s website, as well as in my Saatchi Gallery Saleroom.

Bead & Button Magazine -Your Work- December 2007. Diana Lynn Grygo. The Lone Beader. Great Blue Heron. Bird watching.

I also wrote a haiku to go along with this piece:, an online Japanese newspaper, posted it on the English version of their website last year, which was quite an honor:)

And, I just remembered, the last time I spoke to my father, he mentioned that he should just get a subscription to Bead & Button so he doesn’t have to keep running out to the bookstore every time I get published. LOL. I guess he should. Afterall, this is onlythe 4th time my beadwork has been published in this bimonthly magazine during the past 12 months… I am proud of my accomplishments, but more importantly, I am grateful for this wonderful talent that I have been given. It is a gift that I hope to continue sharing with the world:)

16 thoughts on “Hot Off the Press!

  1. >I just love that a father would get a subscription to a bead magazine to support his daughter in her creativity!Many congrats for your publications.

  2. >Well done and congratulations. You are clearly very talented. You must visit the seaside next time you come to England. Our new apartment is on the South Coast near Hastings. Hastings old town is definitely worth visiting, Brighton and Rye are also beautiful if you get the chance. The most beautiful coastline though is in Cornwall which is about 4 hours from London by train. Cornwall is a haven for artists like yourself because of the beautiful light. There is a Tate in St Ives which is one of my favourite galleries outside London.

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