>Letting Go

Yes, today is my birthday, but I don’t really want to talk about that. Some years, you’re just not in the mood, ya know? However, I am in the mood to continue working on my piece. Below, you’ll see that I’ve begun to create the felt foundation for my bead-embroidered brick building. The building is the background for my beaded Banksy pink car. So far, it is five felt layers thick.

Banksy birthday balloon girl. Brick Lane, London. Graffiti wall. Pink Car. Triumph GT6.

Also, see the little stenciled Banksy girl in the photo? How do you interpret her image? To some, it appears that she has accidentally let go of her heart-shaped balloon, and is hoping that it will come back to her. Or, she has simply gotten tired of holding it. The twine started to cut into her hand and was hurting her. So, she let go, full well knowing that the next time she sees it, it will be all tangled in the power lines hanging lifeless. Either way, it will never return… 

20 thoughts on “>Letting Go

  1. >Happy Birthday Beadie!We’ll have some champagne when you’re in London next month :)To me the woman looks as though she has released her heart baloon in homage for a long lost love.No. It will never return.xxpinks

  2. >Thanks so much for all the comments! Birthdays are bittersweet… Anwyays, I loved reading all of your interpretations of this stencil, and I must say that Rockdog was right on as to why I posted this… Also, thanks for that Banksy story. I agree. Banksy is brilliant! I love his rats. Was it a traveling rat with a suitcase?? 🙂

  3. >Firstly, happy birthday for yesterday. Secondly, another great Banksy story for you. Next to my husband’s offices they’ve just finished a new Travelodge motel. They took the scaffolding down on Sunday night in time for the Monday opening and already Banksy had struck. There was a new Banksy rat underneath the scaffolding. Hubby is going to try and get a pic for you before the council decides to clean it off. Banksy is Brilliant.

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  5. >Actually, I think the little girl knows about your birthday, and even though you don’t want to make a big deal about it this year, she releases her red baloon in celebration! I agree about you finding your niche with cars and beads!

  6. >Happy Birthday! When my kids were small, we read a book about a magical land where lost balloons go called Balloonia. They loved that book! So, I’d like to think that the little girl is freeing her heart balloon so it may go to Balloonia to join all of its balloon friends. -Karen

  7. >Happy Day, LB!!She lets the balloon go for the beauty of watching it float away, even if the moment is fleeting. Better than keeping that balloon and watching the air slowly seep out of it.

  8. >Happy Birthday, even if you don’t want to talk about it! LOLI think the girl has tied a message of hope, love and peace to the balloon and is releasing it hoping that it will inspire the person who finds it to work towards a better future.

  9. >In an episode of Deperate Housewives (I watch it with my wife…easy!) one of the main characters is told to write a note to the child that she miscarried, tie it to a balloon, and let it go. That struck me as a very helpful and meaningful way to deal with an extremely emotional issue…so thats what I see in the little girl. Don’t know what her issue is, but she has tied it to that balloon. While it might be tough to watch it go, she also knows that the healing can begin…

  10. >Looking better and betterall the LB! I love the stencil. For me the released balloon is about vicarious freedom. It may end up tangled in a tree or a pylon/ Or it may find freedom.

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