>He’s Gonna Get You


If you find yourself out after dark in the Whitechapel area of East London, beware… for Jack the Ripper was there…

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Morrissey - Jack the Ripper. Banksy - Brick Lane, London. Ten Bells Pub. Mary Kelly.


Perhaps his ghost still walks Brick Lane late at night searching for the perfect young woman… And if not there, perhaps he still haunts the nearby Ten Bells Pub where his final victim, Mary Kelly, was last seen alive… But, what if she wasn’t his final victim??

Whatever you do, don’t go out at night alone… :0

17 thoughts on “>He’s Gonna Get You

  1. >Perfect for October! I have to admit that I find true stories of serial killers interesting. Although, scary to a point…. This is still perfect for October! Also why I would NOT go out alone at night. *HUGS*

  2. >Yes, you struck a nerve with those of us who have morbid curiosity about serial killers (can I request a shark in the next installment, because sharks rank up there, too).

  3. >Oohhh spooky! I remember going to London as a 10 year old kid with my parents and being so freaked out by the JTR story, the Tower of London and of course Madam Toussod’s Wax Museum replicas, among other historical happenings in the city.

  4. >So glad you enjoyed this post! I find the Ripper case to be quite intriguing, but I bet there are some people who don’t appreciate the fact that society has glorified the unknown identity of a serial killer…. :0

  5. >Olivia there are plenty of theories about the identity of Jack the Ripper. The stupidest involved freemasons and the Duke of Clarence although Ptrcicia Cornwell’s perposterous idea that the artist Walter Sicker was the Ripper chases hard on the heels.

  6. >Oh, what a creepy post!By the way, there is a theory that Jack the Ripper was a deranged German doctor of some sort. Have you heard?Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland vonOlivia

  7. >LB.. It’s almost as if you thought to yourself, Chalice has a thing for all stuff creepy so let me throw this together 🙂 I Love It!!

  8. >He was on episode of Star Trek. He was entity who fed off fear and hatred and moved from planet to planet until he met up with Captain Kirk and company and got his ass handed to him.

  9. >I’m sorry but I have it in me to not only go out alone but to put on a nasty whore type wig and dance around in the streets just for Jack himself…Will you come…

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