Bead Dreams 2007

I just checked my mail, and was pleased to find an advance copy of the October issue of Bead & Button Magazine! Included is the following supplement which features the finalists in this year’s Bead Dreams competition. These pieces were exhibited at the 2007 Bead & Button Show which took place in Milwaukee, WI in June.

I am thrilled because my beaded fire truck, Engine Co. 6, is on the second page of this supplement. You can also find images of all of the finalists’ beadwork in the magazine’s gallery on Please take a peek, and remember to pick up a copy of this issue when it hits the newsstand. Enjoy=:)

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The Lone Beader

The Lone Beader

The Lone Beader

24 thoughts on “Bead Dreams 2007

  1. >Wow. Fabulous! I must say that #1 was awesome as well, but I think I prefer your fire engine. The subject matter is less “dazzling” maybe, but that’s part of it’s beauty. You took an uncomplicated, down-to-earth object and made it incredibly beautiful. So glad your work is being recognized. It’s so much fun to “watch” you create these things.Congratulations!

  2. >I understand how great that feels, like when I’ve had some of my writing published. Only this is so much more creative, I hope you are keeping a portfolio of all your published work?

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