>One Word


Some of you already know this, but one of my favourite British rock stars is Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy would probably look cool in my beaded Banksy pink car, but I’m sure he’d be offended if he actually had to ride in it. So, instead, Ozzy’s daughter takes a spin…

Kelly Osbourne pink hair

Today, Kelly Osbourne drives through Piccadilly Circus, which is probably the most congested intersection in London. Like in Times Square, billboards cover the buildings; bright neon signs flash with advertisements; and a giant LED video display lights up the corner day after day. However, today is not a normal day at Piccadilly Circus. Not a normal day at all


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Banksy Piccadilly Circus

16 thoughts on “>One Word

  1. >There is a girl in my neighborhood that is a Kelly Osbourne look alike. For a year now I’ve wanted to take her picture and put it on my blog. Be safe…

  2. >Well, that was an interesting vid. Love the car! I wanna drive it next… hmmmmm… darn it, just remembered I’m not in the music biz… ;)Hhh. I think I’d look hot in a pink beaded car. LOL!

  3. >So I’m not the only one thinking this project is going along amazingly quick! It looks terrific. You’re making our heads spin as fast as the car would go in real life!

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