>Silver Screen


I’d like to be a gallery
And put you in my beaded show…

When I wake up next to beads
I’ll be sure to think of you
I’ll think about paint
and I’ll think about glue
What a jolly boring thing to do…

Original lyrics to ‘Andy Warhol’ written by David Bowie
Adapted by The Lone Beader.

10 thoughts on “>Silver Screen

  1. >I’m famous now!!!!! And so is Chal, WooHooo!!!!! I especially like the addition of Dali and Warhol though. Two of my favorite artists….Great post Beader Baby….!!!!!!Later blu…..

  2. >What surprise LB! It´s a honor for me to be in the background of your newest work. You are an A R T I S T, and I´m happy to have found you in the internet, I really mean that! Thanks 🙂

  3. >Well to think my visit have been thin on the ground here as we say in Australia but I ALWAYS feel right at home when I do come to visit and am always in love with what you do.I would say the one thing I have learn’t about artists is yes it takes time, perseverance, and dedication……BUT! dear friend it takes lots and lots of passion which shows in your artistic works.Lee-ann

  4. >WOW, LB, you are always coming up with something unusual and spectacular — this is no exception — how great. Love the reflection of all the photos too. You continue to amaze me — and I hope you will do so for many years to come.

  5. >You sneaky beader fiend! You grabbed my photo – though I’m honored and in good company!Do you ever wake up with little bead indents in the side of your face? That’s my question for you.When I’m in production mode, I always have clay in the least likely of places.

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