Here’s today’s progress on my beaded Triumph GT6. I finished the detail lines, as well as the hood. Now, it’s a 2-tone pink car=:)

Banksy pink car

That brings me back to the subject of Banksy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, he is a very well-known graffiti artist in Britain, and his painted pink car is the inspiration for my beadwork. While I love his art, I must say that I love his humor even more. And, he is quite brazen about how he expresses it.

For example, last year, he doctored approximately 500 copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album, and replaced them with his own version in several stores around London. He added his own remixes of her songs and gave them new titles such as ‘Why am I famous?’ Banksy then switched the discs in stores while leaving the original barcodes on the package. Unsuspecting customers purchased the disc without realizing that it had been tampered with. What I love about this prank is that it appears that Banksy did not get caught. Apparently, no one ever complained or tried to return the doctored version, and later, the discs were seen selling on Ebay for rather large sums of money. How I’d love to find a copy for my own collection… That’s hot=:)

Banksy, a famed British artist, ridiculed an American celebrity. So, I thought it only appropriate that a famed American bead artist ridicule a British pop-group in the same manner, and The Spice Girls are the perfect victims. For some reason, The Spice Girls are a 4-time BRIT-award winning act. You might recall their first single “Wannabe”. It sold over 1.27 million copies in 1996, and apparently it is still the biggest selling single by a female group in the U.K.

After recording only 3 albums, The Spice Girls broke up in 2001. But before they did, they recorded a single called “Tell Me Why”. The single was taken from the album ‘Forever’, but due to poor sales, the single was cancelled. Instead, it went on to be a rather successful club hit.


Return of the Spice Girls

If this single were ever to be re-released, Virgin Megastores might find the above version complete with The Lone Beader’s doctored cover art on their shelves. What I find interesting is that The Spice Girls are scheduled to release a Greatest Hits compilation later this year, and they plan to support it with another world tour – The Return of the Spice Girls

Tell me why??

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  1. >I saw a picture of a Banksy stencil/graffiti of the Queen of England as an ape on CNN this week… I was so proud of myself for knowing who he is (thanks to you!)(And I’m sooooo glad I never jumped on the Spice Girls bandwagon in high school.)

  2. >Hello Lone Beader, No idea what brought you to my blog to comment, but thank you. A return visit to yours and I’m smiling big smiles. Just love that TR6! As for the Spice Girls – something about the whole manipulated set-up just appeals to me. Once or twice I even caught myself singing along. 🙂 I’m not usually too taken by such manufactured pop. I’ll return from time to time to see what your up to! Good luck with everything. Simon.

  3. >Not only are you a talented beader, you are witty and a comedian to boot! Finally, got my blog set up, now to figure it out. Such as how to add a link to your fabulously interesting blog! If you want to send me a couple of hints . . . : )Take care D,ColettePS, My blog is “naked” right now, but not for long!

  4. >Spice girls, yuck, and Don’t even say the PH words! Oh gag on a spoon my dear! Was there ever a less talented famous person with money? I don’t think so, but then Merv Griffon does come to mind! Oh, my, I’m being so naughty. Love the car, though!

  5. >Pink is my favorite color. I can’t wait to watch the progress. The Spice Girls..Victoria “Posh” Adams married to David Beckham. Maybe Victoria and David need a ride in the pink vehicle.

  6. >This is my first time I at your blog. And I am impressed because I don’t think I have the time and patience to sit and do such beautiful handiwork. And just because of that reason, I am humbled.

  7. >Why? Because the world is cruel! And I really hated “Wannabe” when it was in the charts in the middle of the 90ies. How dishonest the lyrics are. Written for 12-16 year old teenie gals and those poor creatures belived in the lyrics (I knew at least one) … I mean the part with “friendship never ends”. *shiver* Well, I hope, there are a few ones that won’t end, though 😉

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