>pink seed beads

Thanks for stopping by to check the progress of my beaded Banksy pink car. Here’s a quick peek at my work table. You’ll see that I’ve mixed several pinks together as if they were paint. Right now, my table isn’t too cluttered, but I’m certain that will change… If you enlarge the photo, you’ll also see that I’m working on a few automotive details. I’ve stitched on ‘chrome‘ bugle beads for the bumpers, and I added the headlight and tail light with size 15 seed beads. Now, I’m stitching on a couple of detail lines on the body of my Triumph GT6. For these, I’m stitching on one bead at a time, so they might take awhile… The beadwork measures approx. 10″ x 3″. It’s not nearly as large as my last two vehicles, but it will become part of a much larger piece when it is finished. =:0

15 thoughts on “>Bumpers

  1. >WOW, this little project was quite the undertaking. I didn’t realize the effort and detail until I scrolled through your blog. Good job!

  2. >you know..your comment about mixing the beads up like paint reminded me of the pointillists. they didn’t actually mix their paint but applied it one dot at a time to create the different hues, tints and values.i’d stow away in this vehicle too, but i don’t think there’s room. i tried the trunk but it got too stuffy. i’ll just cheer from the sidelines.

  3. >Thanks for the comments! One bead at a time is just for those black lines… And, I got that little scoop at a bead show a couple of years ago. I have a large one somewhere, too… They’re quite useful:)And, Corky, I hope Pink likes my project:)

  4. >The scoops are fun, but I like the long thin, scientific metal measureing spoon the best. This in reference to Bead Explorer. Cute, neat, and cool bummpers!

  5. >Lookin’ good LB! I’m a little sad that I’ll miss the progress over the next 1.5 weeks that I’ll be away… 🙂 It’ll be a wonder to see though!

  6. >While I am somewhat OCD, I can’t imagine beading one bead at a time – I’d be tempted to get out the glue and fire it all in the kiln! Oh, wait, that’s another medium…

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