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Today, I accomplished a lot on my beaded Banksy pink car. I added sterling silver wire for window moldings; I stitched on clear vinyl for the windows; and I finally started to bead. Yay!

And, since my Triumph GT6 is inspired by my recent visit to London, England, I thought it only appropriate to feature some of my favourite Brits. Here’s the first one who came to mind – Johnny Rotten from the punk rock band, the Sex Pistols. If Johnny were to graffiti my beaded Banksy pink car, I think it would look something like this:

Johnny Rotten(click to enlarge)


The anarchy sign appears in graffiti quite often. What do you think of when you see the anarchy sign?? Does it stir up negative thoughts? If you woke up one morning, and found this symbol spray-painted somewhere on your property, would you find it offensive? Would you assume it was put there by a punk who had nothing better to do? Would you report the vandalism to the police? Would you try to clean it off? Or, would you consider it art, and just live with it?

If you’re unsure, think about this. Yes, anarchists are those who advocate the absence of government. But, their belief is that common sense would allow for people to come together in agreement to form a functional society allowing for the participants to freely develop their own sense of morality or ethics.

Hmmm… that doesn’t sound like such a rotten idea, now does it…

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  1. >The philosophy behind anarchy is quite clever, but like any political system ;), it doesn’t work …I would not consider the anarchy sign as offensive. But I don’t like Punk, either …

  2. >I suppose I’d have to see how the A was painted! How’s that for non-committal? Painting my house would be like painting me – an invasion of my personal space. Now, if they asked before hand, I might say yes – but then it wouldn’t really be a sign of anarchy would it?? “pretty please, may we spray paint an A on your house, ma’am?” I remember having a similar debate in Philosophy class…

  3. >Hmmm….I wonder what peoples’ marality would be about? I read so many cruel, bitter lies and destructive fantasies on the internet it does make you wonder who all is out there…not on this site, I hasten to add!

  4. >Hi LB, Doesn’t sound bad in it pure form, but I’ve always found that it is very uncommon to have common sense. The reason being, what I label ‘common sense’ may not have a single thing to do with your ‘common sense.’ So what is common about it? I love playing devil’s adovacate to this kind of thing! 😉

  5. >Love the triumph…Ursula LeGuin wrote a wonderfu SF novel about anarchy called The Dispossessed…I tend to think that any time human beings tried anarchy it would probably end up like Ursula’s vision.

  6. >Hey Looking good my friend! I would love it if I woke up and found the big A on my property. We put up a peace sign for the Holiday season last year and had the neighboors complain that we were against the soldiers overseas and what they are doing for us. I was amazed that a peace sign…you know good will and peace on earth…could instigate a near riot in my own hood. Some of my neighboors are still not speaking to me today! Stupid heads!

  7. >Looking good and I am a BIG Banksy fan. We’ve got one on the kerb near where my husband works and I loved it even before I knew who did it. Progress is going well on the TR6. C&F

  8. >Looking good already! I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress of this piece. I wouldn’t be offended by the sign itself but i would be steaming if someone spray-painted on my house, I must be getting old! I wouldn’t report it to the police though.

  9. >Email Johnny Rotten that pic! Hey, he might even be willing to purchase the beaded version or even… Well, he is a Sex Pistol, isn’t he?Anarchy in reality or signs indicating it don’t give me negative thoughts or feelings. Far from it! I rather agree with Henry Ward Beecher, who (I think) said, “Besides anarchy, the worst thing in this world is government.”

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