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>felt car

Yesterday, I finished creating the felt foundation for my beaded Triumph GT6. There are now 7 layers of felt. I glued them together with some Elmer’s glue, but I left the car in two sections. The reason for this is because I want to start with the two door posts which are part of the 3rd layer only. They will need to be stiffened with something before I bead them, and since they’re skinny, I’ll probably stitch some wire to the back side of the felt to do that…

Triumph GT6

Here are some of the beading supplies I’ll be starting with. I know it’s hard to tell by the photo, but there are 6 different pinks, 3 of which have a matte finish. I’ll probably use the darker matte seed beads for the dent in the door. Also, just to give you a little insight, eventually, I intend to stitch this car to a larger canvas.

pink seed beads

Today is my first day off in a long time, so I’m actually going to start beading, and I’m very happy about that. But, before I get to the fun stuff that you’re all waiting for, I want you to first think about the colour pink. 

Please answer the following questions by leaving a comment:

1. The colour pink makes you feel:

a. passionate
b. sensual
c. feminine
d. high
e. sick to your stomach

2. When you think of pink, you think of:

a. P!nk, the singer
b. Pink flamingos
c. The Pink Panther
d. Mr. Pink
e. Banksy’s pink car

3. If you were to wear the colour pink right now, it would be:

a. a pair of Converse sneakers
b. lingerie from Victoria’s Secret
c. an electric guitar
d. a cowgirl hat
e. a poodle skirt

4. If you could invest in something the colour pink, you’d buy:

a. a pink house
b. a pink Cadillac
c. a pink diamond
d. LB’s beaded Banksy pink car
e. all of the above


Thank you for taking this brief survey=:) 

18 thoughts on “>Think Pink

  1. >1. The colour pink makes you feel:e. sick to your stomach(usually …)2. When you think of pink, you think of:Now LB’s “Banksy’s pink car”3. If you were to wear the colour pink right now, it would be:How can you do this to me? I can’t do it to me, wearing sth. pink …4. If you could invest in something the colour pink, you’d buy:d. LB’s beaded Banksy pink car

  2. >Love the story behind Banksy’s pink car. :)1. e. sick to your stomach (only in large doses though)2. b. Pink flamingos 3. b. lingerie from Victoria’s Secret4. d. LB’s beaded Banksy pink car (of course!)

  3. >1 – c, feminine, aka girly-girl2 – of the options available, b, but pink actually brings to mind fluffy, sweet cotton candy :)3 – e, I love me a skirt, and a poodle skirt just sounds like fun4 – c, because diamonds are a girl’s best friend! haha! 😉

  4. >1 – definitely passionate. like a dozen pink roses, or lips2 – I can’t help but think of Banky’s pink car now that I know it was the model for your beaded car3 – a cowgirl hat. I bought a pink cowgirl hat for my daughter thinking she’d love it. She never wore it, preferring black instead4 – a and d only. I’d buy one of those bright pink houses next to the bright blue ones next to the bright green ones, hopefully all faded by the time I buy them. and inside, in a little display box, LB’s beaded Banksy pink car.

  5. >1. summery, feminine2. the color….(well, sometimes i’m really literal)3. my skin tight hugging t-shirt that’s just a wee bit see through4. d.

  6. >I’m really likin’ thes combinations… Cynthia, your converse & poodle skirt are a perfect match. And, Nauma – pink lingerie with a cowgirl hat?? That’s HOT. LOL. 😉

  7. >I have just bought a gorgeous pink wool jacket, for winter when it comes. I reckon when you’re pushing 60 you don’t need to care about whether it’s right or not any more. Viva pink ladies!

  8. >Look what I’ve been missing – you’re onto a new project already!To answer your question:1.c. feminine2.b. pink flamingos3.a. pair of converse sneakers to go with my e. poodle skirt4.d. defitely LB’s beaded bansky car!

  9. >1. C (although it used to be E, but I’ve mellowed with age)2. D (Peter Sellers fan)3. A (but I just looked and I don’t have anything pink in my closet)4. C (although I’d prefer a pink jasper)

  10. >Holy cow, no webs in yout toes….I had time the other day to visit all the links about this car. I am glad I did.Pink is one of my favorite colors in my garden, just ordered pink plants. 1..c2…b and d3…I wouldn’t wear pink4…lol, flowers and then d of course, that was if you could part with it….grins.Have a good day!

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