Before I present my next piece, I’d like you to ponder these questions:

If you knew you could only create one more work of art in your lifetime, what would it be?

And, if you could choose anywhere in the world to display your art for all to see, where would it be, and why?

Lastly, what are you waiting for??

4 thoughts on “>If…

  1. >Hm, one more? I’d choose some sort of a watercolor painting. I’ve not done it in a long time, but it’s my favorite thing to do. (just not as portable as some artistic pursuits)As far as for all to see, I haven’t a clue!

  2. >I can’t imagine any single thought more likely to create an artists block than your first question. And I’d want to be remembered by my whole body of work, so the last piece isn’t any more important than the first piece….each one is a piece of your soul, so how can it matter which piece comes first and which last?I’d be happy for any work of mine to be displayed where a single person would actually see it (not view it, but really SEE it) and find it of some value to themselves.

  3. >The first question is easy. One of the ones I’m working on is what I’d bead. The second one is harder. I want it display someplace like Target or Thirteen Moons, gallery. The last one is your statement and not a question, but so far they haven’t wanted my stuff.

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