>Got Whiskey?


Thanks to everyone for voting for my fire truck in this week’s Saatchi Gallery Showdown! And, special thanks to Pink who plugged my entry in her blog! The polls are open all week, so please remember to vote early and often=:)

Right now, I’m in the middle of workin‘ on my psychedelic blue beaded bus. I’m adding some collage images to the inside of my custom-made shadow box. The images are glued onto acid free matte board, then painted with acrylic clear gloss. After I painted them, I glued them onto my painted canvas paper. I use tape to hold each piece in place; this way I don’t have to wait for the glue to set…

I’m also in the middle of listenin‘ to the new Doors Live in Boston 1970 3-disc set that was just released today. Maybe I should take a break and head out to the next whiskey bar…


17 thoughts on “>Got Whiskey?

  1. >Your red firetruck is by far the best item on that website. I voted for you! I am going to put Rudy on my sidebar – cute! Thanks for visiting my blogs – nice to see you again. Have you thought any more about doing a beaded peacock? (Gentle hint, lol)

  2. >Hi! I link your Engine6 in my blog to invite everybody to vote your work. I like the college.I don´t have time enough to write cause kids are my bussines now 😉

  3. >Thanks for the comments! And, thanks for stoppin by, Oscar!And, Jafabrit… sell?? First, I plan to enter this piece in a couple of shows/competitions, and maybe get it published… I don’t make beadwork specifically to sell. I do it to satisfy my creative soul…. However, I do accept commissions=:)

  4. >Wow, you’re very clever! My mum can’t even sew on a button – my dad has to do the surgery on my toys!Thanks for stopping by my blog. That’s cool that you used to have an Airedale.LicksOscar x

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