>Dolly Takes the UK


Dolly, my beaded Dalmatian wants to travel to London, England. She definitely deserves a holiday, too – she won 2nd Place in the Non-Wearable category of this year’s Bead Dreams Competition. She will also be published in the October 2007 issue of Bead & Button Magazine. If you’d like to see her have a shot at being displayed at the new Saatchi Gallery in London, along with her antique fire truck, Engine Co. 6, please give her 10 stars in this week’s round of the Saatchi Gallery Showdown.

Click here to vote. Voting runs all week long:)

I think Saatchi Gallery needs to display some beadwork alongside its other contemporary works of art. What do you think??

21 thoughts on “>Dolly Takes the UK

  1. >very very creative! I had no idea what to expect with the name of your blog… I love your art! I will go vote now! Cheers!Oh and thanks for visiting my travel blog!

  2. >Thanks everyone for voting! The link is at the top of my sidebar, where it says ‘Vote for Me’…Or click where it says ‘Voting begins today’ in this post:) *blush*

  3. >I thought Dolly is so adorable….she deserves its trip to London. Congrats on 2nd place tooI want to vote but cannot find the page at Saatchi gallery to vote…is it on their new Saatchi site or the regular site…I’ll try look at their site more to see if I can find it.good luck!

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