>To-Do List


psychedelic British bus(click to enlarge)

It probably looks like my bead-embroidered bus is almost finished, and it is, but there are still several things I need to do before it it complete (in no particular order):
~Collect more images of Doors‘ singer Jim Morrison. He will be the main passenger in the bus, however there is one image of him and his cosmic mate, Pamela Courson. They are both on a journey to ‘The End’. This will be the first time I incorporate ‘collage’ images in one of my pieces.

~Glue the painted canvas paper and mirror to the inside of my custom-made shadow box.

~Attach images to the inside of the shadow box.

~Add to the overall structure of the shadow box, so that it sits properly. I would like this to have the option to stand by itself…

~Stitch velcro to the back of the bus. This is what I hope to attach the beadwork to the shadow box with. Then, the beadwork could be safely removed if it ever needed to be repaired.

~Cover the back of the entire piece with blue Ultrasuede.

~Add hanging hardware.

~I’m sure there is something else that I missed… :0

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  1. >you’re amazing.my to do list has things like – buy milk, wash laundry, defrost fish (to eat, not my pet):)xxpinks

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