>Waiting for the Sun


While I was at the art store the other day, I also picked up some new acrylic paints. I was starting to run out of some basic colours, and sometimes I just need new supplies for inspiration…

acrylic paints

Today, I was inspired…

California sunset The Doors

I also realized that I do have my own style when it comes to painting. This painting reminded me of the background I did for my beaded screech-owl, The Messenger. You just might see some more of my paintings in the future…

Here’s what my painted canvas & mirrored-paper look like inside my blue beaded British bus:

psychedelic British blue beaded bus The Doors The End

Better get your sunglasses… =:0

8 thoughts on “>Waiting for the Sun

  1. >In college two art professors told me I had no style. Well this May makes it twenty years later. Anyway, for the last ten years other artists have been telling me they know my work no matter what I do.As far as learning to paint with acrylics, I’ll repeat my school’s (K – 12) motto; “we learn to do by doing.” Like any other medium you try, you just have to get used to it.

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