22 thoughts on “Magic Bus

  1. >Darn did I miss my chance to have a ride when the bus came to the House of Blues or will you swing back by New Orleans? Cricket loves to go for rides and my gypsy spirit is longing for a road trip. Blue Ribbon for the Blue Bus. It is fantastic!!!

  2. >Well, since I just placed a bead order (and a bit low on cash) and pets ride free — perhaps you could pick up Polly and Munchkin — oh wait, Senior Citizens get a deal, right? Maybe I can go after all. LOL.Beadin’ Gram

  3. >Well, you get first dibbs, because you made the bus! Sure I’ll ride with you. I want to get the people in Japan and visit a bit and then we’ll go to Ireland and then to Nova Scotia and then to Alaska, and then New Zealand and Australia, and then…wherever!

  4. >me! me! me! pick me up in Yellow Springs 🙂 I LOVE your bus, but does it have a teakettle for me cup of tea with my hello dolly’s 😉

  5. >Okay, that would be me in the post above – now you’ve found my “secret” blog…teehee. See, I got so excited about taking a ride in the machine, that I lost my head!

  6. >What a fun journey it’s been on this magical blue bus. Your blog is a lot of fun and you make a lot of people smile. I’ve so enjoyed all the great music, too.

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