>The Motherbus


Last night, I had time to finish stitching on those blueberry beads. Now, I really like the overall look of my beaded British bus. But, I still have a few more beads to add before I move on. If you enlarge the photo below, you will see that I’ve layered some antique French steel cut beads around the sign where it says ‘The End’. I like how it adds more depth to the sign, so I’m going to continue to stitch these on around the front windows, as well as below the sliding door where there are more silver beads. After I finish that, then I believe I’ll be done beading the body of my bus, and I will finally be able to move on to the tires… I saved the tires for last because I’m still contemplating how to create them… :0

But, before I think about that, I need to just chill for awhile. I’ve been workin’ too hard lately. Gotta make time for some groovin’, ya know? So, this weekend, my Funkadelic beaded Motherbus swings by to pick up Webmiztris and Captain Corky. They’re gonna smoke a giant joint with George Clinton while the rest of us just kick back and get funked up.

Enjoy the ride……..


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13 thoughts on “>The Motherbus

  1. >Damn! Would you make a mistake sometime and cheer the rest of us up?It’s fantastic, LB!I love the stream of flowers along the side. And the top. And the door. And how real the grill and headlights look and…

  2. >Lonesterdog, thanks for stoppin by! U can take a ride with me anytime… ;)And, Webmiztris, smoke ’em if U got ’em… :)And, thanks for everyone else’s comments. U are all so sweet=:)

  3. >You bus is amazing! truly a fantastic work of art. I have watched your but come alive week after week and I just have to write and say it is wonderful. Its been great watching you create this bus week after week, I cant wait to see what you do next!

  4. >YOU are such a talent!!!! I always enjoy dropping by your blog to see what amazing creation you are working on… this one is quite special and oh-so grrrroooovy!

  5. >I discovered a green bus just like this (but NOT as pretty) a few streets down from me. I saw it and thought of you and it made me smile.LUVERYLY BUS, wish I was going for a ride on it.

  6. >hell YES! and you got it right because I WOULD be sitting right by George. You know he’s got the good shit! 🙂 that looks so awesome, LB!

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