>Red, White, & Blue Men


After the crowd finally left, my blue beaded bus swung by the Hatch Shell to pick up Blue Man Group. They performed live with the Boston Pops earlier this evening, and put on a fantastic 4th of July performance. But, Blue Man Group happens to be quite busy, and they have a late night performance booked at the Charles Playhouse… Thank goodness my father is driving, otherwise they’d be late for their own show… And, the ride across town with the Blue Men is… well… a little loud…do the Blue Men ever stop?? Not to mention, Rudy doesn’t know what to think… He loves drums & percussion instruments, but he never saw anything like the ones they brought… =:0


(click to enlarge)

And, I know it seemed like I was finished beading my bus, but I’m not. Like Blue Man, everything I do has to be complex, so after I added side view mirrors, I started stitching on some blueberry-coloured size 11 seed beads right on top of the other beads. These beads look purple, but they are actually transparent blue glass that is lined with purple. I think the transparency adds a lot more depth to the dimension that I’ve already created. So far, I’ve stitched these beads onto the 2 front fenders, the hood, and I’ve just begun the roof, as well… You can either enlarge the photo above, or take a closer look HERE. Can you see the difference?? Next, I’ll continue along the roof of the bus… if I have enough of this blue… =:0

12 thoughts on “>Red, White, & Blue Men

  1. >Awwww… I’m so glad U can see the blueberry beads, and glad everyone liked the Blue Men:)Also, Corky, we don’t need to kick the Blue Men out. There is room for everyone, and we can all smoke the giant joint. LOL. =:)

  2. >I LOVE those blueberry beads! But then, I’m biased. 🙂 They do add greater depth – the variations in colour make your mad method more like painting every day. Bravo!

  3. >I definitly see the difference where you’ve used the beads on top of beads and I like it a lot. Great Job, LB!I’m envious, but my eyes are starting to respond to the treatment and it’s only been 48 hrs. so I’ll be beading again before too long.

  4. >Yes, I can see the difference. That really makes them pop and the color is perfect. It is such a nice bus, with wonderful adventures.Judi

  5. >If I could ride this bus, I think I could be truely happy for just that moment in time. I love your art bus and the adventures you collage with it. I need to take a ride in my own art sometime.

  6. >I agree! I know I haven’t said much, but saying “Wow” everyday would get old (or maybe not, hee hee!)I love this bus! I want to ride on it, lol!I working up the nerve to enter some jewelry in the Utah State Fair, along with my SIL (a bracelet she made for me won first place! that she put in last year and I couldn’t have it until the fair was over lol). That bead-embroidered strawberry I’m inspired by YOU to do, might be one of the pieces I put in. I have almost all the beads I need for it now, so I can start. Anyway, you are STILL an inspiration to me, even if the strawberry has been hibernating cause I haven’t gotten over that “i can’t do this” hump. Lol.Anyway, I love your sliding door, too; has the feeling one can just hop right in there and tootle off!

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