>Little Pink House


Today, I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog to celebrate the 4th of July. Here in Boston, Independence Day is not only a holiday, it is a Spectacular which takes place every year at the Hatch Shell on the Charles River. Over 900,000 people will go to hear the Boston Pops play the 1812 Overture complete with cannons and fireworks. The free concert will be televised across the country, and this year’s guest performer happens to be John Mellencamp. We’d love to go to the show, but unfortunately, there’s nowhere to park my blue beaded bus in the city of Boston. So, we continue on… to see what America is truly about…


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Happy Birthday, America.
I hope you got what you wanted

15 thoughts on “>Little Pink House

  1. >Hi,I just dropped by to say hello. Got your name from dr. deb’s blog. Hope you don’t mind. Happy Independence Day. You sure had a grand time in your ID celebrations.May I invite you to visit my blog entitled, “Random Thoughts.”Thanks and God bless you more with all the best things in life.

  2. >You’re in the bus! Well, we waited long enough. I’m plannig on watching the Spectacular tonight after we get home. It is always fun to see and hear!

  3. >have a great 4th! sounds like Boston has quite the show. I’ve always wanted to see Chicago’s fireworks, but it’s just never worked out. maybe some day

  4. >Bonjour de France,Merci pour le lien, c’est très gentil. Comme ça je pourrai partir à l’aventure avec ton autobus !C’est une idée très origninale !A bientôt et joyeux anniversaire Amérique!

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