>Until The End


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If I could go anywhere in my blue beaded bus today, I would go back to Paris, France. Above, you can see a spectacular view of the city from La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre. I was just there for a weekend in April, but 3 days was not long enough…

If I were there today, I would go back to Cimetiére du Pére LaChaise to pay my respects to Doors singer, Jim Morrison. It was on this day in 1971, that he was found dead in the bathtub at his flat in Paris. Since then, the cause of his death has always been a mystery. The reports say he died of heart failure. However, the Parisians think he died of a heroin overdose, yet others think he drank himself to death. Or, it could have been a combination of the two… But, some think that he is not dead at all. They think he faked his own death to escape society & the pressures of being a rock star, and some even think he was discreetly murdered… The only person who really knew the truth behind Jim’s death was his longtime girlfriend, Pamela Courson. She was with him until the end, and she took the secret to her grave. Sadly, three years later, she died of a heroin overdose. Pamela simply couldn’t live any longer without the man she truly loved.

Let’s face it, America, Jim is dead.
But, the music’s never over…


10 thoughts on “>Until The End

  1. >What to bead next? Hmmmm. Well, I know I’ll like it whatever it is. I just found out today that I can be back to beading soon so I’m on top of the world. Haven’t seriously beaded in 3 weeks. Yikes!

  2. >Ya know, my grandfather used to drive a Bluebird bus on cross country chartered trips in the 50’s… and my beaded bus isn’t quite finished… but I am trying to decide what to bead next… 😀

  3. >The dark blue body looks more and more like the 1950s Bluebird bus I went to school on, it didn’t have any flowers though! I’m looking forward to seeing the wheels – what will we all do when it’s finished? Promise you’ll start something new?

  4. >Thanks for your comments! You know, DBS, I would love to learn some embroidery techniques from a Native American…Glad U like my bus, and please stop by again:) And, Corky, the music will never be over on my blog, so you won’t need to worry about that…:D

  5. >I don’t think I have ever posted on your blog before. But I can’t remember, however I have been here watching the BBB. Every time I see it it gets more amazing. I look forward to seeing where the BBB goes next.Sunni

  6. >Oh, I totally love it. In all these years, you are the first beader, I’ve come across. I used to work w/beads and made a lot of earrings. I was taught by a Sioux woman. What an art form, you own my heart w/this. The bus is too cool. Believe it or not, I have beaded flip flops on, the extent of my work, in many years.

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