>Dragons Live Forever


“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”
Carl Sagan

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Today, my psychedelic beaded blue bus goes to the sea where my mother joins us on our journey. Okay, it isn’t really the sea, it’s Lake Erie, but when you’re a little kid, it’s all the same…

Since I grew up in Erie, PA, for the longest time, I really thought that Puff the Magic Dragon lived somewhere on Lake Erie. But, every time Mom took me to the beach, I never found him. So, when I got home, I would listen to the record over & over again. I wanted to know where Puff lived; I wanted to meet him and be his friend. I thought for sure that the Land called Honalee was a real place, and I wanted to go there…. Well, it wasn’t until years later that I realized that it is indeed a real place, and it exists in my imagination:)

My mother always encouraged my imagination, as well as my involvement in the arts. When I was small, she always told me that I could draw, but I always disagreed…. until one day, when I came home from school and presented her with a painting. It was a picture of fluorescent yellow flowers, with tall bright green stems on black construction paper. She loved it. She put it in a yellow frame, hung it in the kitchen, and it is still there today. Somehow, I think that seeing my painting on the wall everyday while I was growing up helped me become the artist that I am now…

Thank you for believing in me, Mom. Because of you, I still believe that dragons exist:)

14 thoughts on “>Dragons Live Forever

  1. >Wonderful! I LOVE that Puff the magic Dragon song. Hadn’t heard it in ages though. The bus looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us!*HUGS*

  2. >The bus looks terrific and what a lovely tribute to your mom. My mom is also very encouraging and I love her for that!When I was a kid, I used to sing Puff the Magic Dragon all the time.

  3. >i love the addition of those dark beads. it really makes everything pop. and this is a lovely tribute to your mother. my mother also believed that i had artistic abilities when i was growing up. i never believed her. it took me years to figure that one out on my own.foam

  4. >This bus is coming along so incredible! You are so lucky to have had a parent that supported your art…mine just told me it would be a waste of my time and all that. I love the bigger bolder flowers…I wanna ride!

  5. >Oh wow! YOU.WERE.BUSY! 🙂 It looks so great! I will try to catch up with all of the posts within the next few days. And I like Carl Sagan. I read one of his books!!!

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