>Who’s Blue?


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Tonight, I’m feelin‘ a little blue… so blue that all I can do is listen to The Who I’m not exactly sure why, either… It couldn’t be all the blue seed beads I’m using, could it?? Can colour really have a psychological effect on a person?? And, how do you feel when you see the colour blue??

14 thoughts on “>Who’s Blue?

  1. >I loooooooooooooove blue. I especially love a light and a dark blue together. I don’t think I get blue when I look at blue. I get blue when I look at black, dark red or plum colours … Although I love these, too.

  2. >You may feel blue because the passengers have left the bus and you are alone — maybe get a few new passengers in there again :-)Blue to me is soothing — I rarely use it in my works (I will have to change that, I think) – but love being surrounded by the color. Get yourself some buddies on the bus 😉

  3. >i know i wrote a comment earlier but sometimes to too stupid to hit the publish comment’ button.blue usually appears soothing to me. the blue for your bus is sooo appropriate.and i do hope you’ll get over the blues soon. i know hot that goes.

  4. >I’m in the camp that finds blue soothing and calming. Except of course when they’re cool, light, gray-blues – like the kind you’d find on institutional walls. Iridescent, sparkly blues like the ones on your Big Blue Bus? Looking at these blues make me smile. 🙂 It’s looking fantastic, LB! I’m delighted each time I stop by and see progress. Put on some happy, head-bopping music to chase the blues away!

  5. >Ohhh wish you didn’t feel blue. I understand feeling blue and not knowing why because I often feel like that. Your not alone. Your bus looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us!*HUGS*

  6. >Blue make me feel whole. It is calming, soothing and peaceful to me. I think if I could only see one color, I’d choose blue. And you just know I love colors!

  7. >Thanks for all the comments:) Sue, don’t worry, it will still be a little while before this bus is finished… :0Corky, I love blue eyes. My father also has them:) And, Beadbabe, for some reason, this Who song really makes me feel melancholy deep down inside. 😦

  8. >Blue is my favorite colour – whenever I wear it, people tell me I’m ‘looking well’ or that it suits me, etc. I love your blue bus! I guess if you wanted to, you could even do another version of it in red, green, yellow or whatever!

  9. >I agree that colors can definitely affect how you are feeling, especially if you are a visual person. Light and medium blue is calming and reminds me of a beautiful summer sky. Dark blue reminds me of a stormy sea so it can generate feelings of anticipation and wildness. The bus is looking good!

  10. >I like the color blue because usually I see it when I’m looking in the mirror. My eyes are blue, and as a narcissist the color blue is a very important part of my day. Just joking, kind of. 😉

  11. >I am going to be blue, berefit, when the bus is finsihed. What else will brighten my day?? But yes, colour does affect mood. Blue is my favourite, the boys I teach like red best – very stereotypical – so sometimes I wear red to see if they will work better, they never do!

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