>Blossoms Blooming


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Beaded blossoms bloom when I listen to the Grateful Dead. And, there is just something about The Dead’s music that reminds me of New Hampshire. So, today, my blue beaded bus heads down the Kancamangus Highway through the White Mountains… I hope we have enough gas… :0

If you have never been to New Hampshire, I highly recommend a summer vacation there. It is perhaps my favourite state. New Hampshire is God’s Country, and if you are brave enough to journey to the top of Mount Washington (that’s the mountain in the image above), you will experience Heaven on Earth. Of course, Heaven isn’t for everyone. If you do make it to the Mt. Washington Summit (which is 6288′ above sea level) you will see a wall which lists the names of all of the people who have perished on the mountain, and most of them were inexperienced hikers or mountain-climbers. So, if you do go up there, make sure you respect Mother Nature and prepare yourself for the World’s Worst Weather.

Unfortunately, we cannot go up to the summit today, because the Mount Washington Auto Road does not allow buses. It’s probably a good thing – none of us brought a sweater, and we wouldn’t want Rudy to freeze. So, we will just enjoy the view from a distance:)

And, Dad, watch out for that moose…= :0

17 thoughts on “>Blossoms Blooming

  1. >Every time I think I find one of your pieces a favourite another one comes along and wows me.I LOVE this, it is so groovy, shagadelic, cool man.

  2. >NH is definitely the place to fish. There are so many rivers and lakes, and it is very peaceful. Cynthia, I am sad that the Old Man on the Mountain is gone forever. And, Peter, thanks for stoppin by! 🙂

  3. >I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the addition of the flowers to the bus!!! Wow, that really makes it for me.New Hampshire is a beautiful state, I still like Maine though… Very similar I suppose.I was living in that part of the woods, when the face of the man on the mountain fell off.

  4. >I have been New Hampshire. It is indeed a beautiful part of the country. I love the state Motto.”Live Free or Die”. The motto comes from a statement written by the Revolutionary General John Stark, hero of the Battle of Bennington. The flowers on the bus are looking great!!

  5. >WOW! I LOVE the new flowers! They look fantastic. I am, of course, biased towards the pinky-purply ones since the latter’s my favourite colour but they totally pop!

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