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This is what my work table looks like today. The beads have really taken over, and I barely have room for my piece, but somehow I am managing… Anyways, when I woke up today, I realized that I didn’t like how my beaded flowers seemed lost in the great blue yonder. I needed to do something about that. So, I got out some pink size 15’s and some yellow size 11 seed beads, and stitched right over the other beads. CLICK HERE to see a larger photo of some of the flowers. Now, click the above photo to enlarge it, and please tell me, do you think that the flowers stand out better now?? :0

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  1. >they do stand out more. probably more then they do on a jpg file. i liked those flowers. i’m glad you are going to make them pop out more. you could just lay different colors on top to see the different effects. you’ll find something that’s just right for you and your bus.

  2. >I concur with the previous comments made: the flowers do pop more more, but don’t be afraid to use bolder colors. Remember, back in the flower power days, they were using bold colors anyway to decorate their vehicles. It would keep your bus in line with the time if you went bolder.

  3. >Love the flowers…I am always amazed at your work. I have not the talent or patience for such beautiful work, but I love admiring yours!

  4. >In a word, Yes! I couldn’t see a lot of difference until I click and enlarged and then it is a tremendous difference! You are definitely on the right track with them. Love the whole thing. Of course, you hardly have room for the bus, dear lady! It is huge!

  5. >Your beadwork is superb! In comparing today’s photo with the last one, your flowers are definitely more noticeable. Good idea to use colors other than blue. I’ve been working on my June BJP page and it has flowers too. With everything blooming outside, I have this urge to bead a garden! -Karen

  6. >Wellll… Honesty being the best policy and you did ask…I like the idea of accenting the flowers as you are right, they do get lost, however I don’t think the colours are right. They are too pale. Think orange if you want pop. It’s opposite blue on the colour wheel and will do the job. If you don’t like orange, then increase the intensity of the colours you did you, as I find these ones too pale. Or try something more flashy like silver lined or silver or gold beads.I do agree that the flower do get lost, they kinda reminded me of stars from a distance.Of course this is all just my opinion, feel free to disregard it if it doesn’t help.Cheers, Denise

  7. >I’d love to see your work in person as it’s hard to really say from a jpg. But I do love the addition of some other colors for accent. Plus I love the idea of the texture from the layered beads.

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