>Midnight Driver


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If any of you have ever been to an Allman Brothers show, you’ll agree when I say that they know how to play past the venue’s curfew. And I don’t think anyone even notices… The audience is too busy eating Magic Mushrooms and staring at the Brotherhood of Light show…

About 10 years ago, my father took me to an Allman Bros. show in Indiana, but that time, we didn’t eat mushrooms. We ate Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream… Not the same effect, but at least it gave us a much-needed sugar high; my dad had to stay awake for the long drive home.

And, regardless of how tired he is, I think my father would prefer driving my blue beaded bus after midnight. There are a lot less cops to pull you over for speeding:)

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  2. >i’ve seen the allman brothers in concert. i’ve seen phish in concert a few times too actually. foam is the name of a phish song, although that is not where i get my name from.i’m still a stowaway on your bus, you know. am really, really enjoying the ride.

  3. >I love the way you construct your blog. You’re teaching me a lot!The music is awesome! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love the way you combine beading, music, history, travel and memories all in one blog!

  4. >Never did see the Allman Brothers in concert.Love Phish food ice cream – but no, I wouldn’t say that’s anything like magic mushrooms!!

  5. >I’m so in love with this bus as you work on it. . . Well words really fail me. This is a great piece in my ever so humble (or not!) opinion. Love, Love, Love it!

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