>Back of the Bus


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I have been pretty busy working my ‘real’ job the past few days, so I haven’t had much time for beading, which drives me crazy…. So, today, I’d like to show you the reverse side of my blue beaded bus. This should give you an idea of how laborious bead embroidery can be. I always use the backstitch, and I stitch 3-5 seed beads at a time whenever possible. But, sometimes I can only stitch one at a time. I stopped counting the stitches…and the beads…and the hours… :0

17 thoughts on “>Back of the Bus

  1. >Can I sit in the back of the bus? I’m just about to publish a post where I sit bside my future husband on the Magic Bus – could we be thee too? You wouldn’t need to see us…..

  2. >The bus is really looking fantastic. I never keep track of how many hours etc in a project. I always try to enjoy the process.

  3. >Ha, ha, foam is right! “ein schoener ruecken kann auch entzuecken.” 😀 When I played in a theater group in elimentary school the teacher always said it ironically to make us show our front instead of our back on the “stage”. Memories …

  4. >I have a friend (male) who is doing some beading for a Native American outfit he is putting together. I told him about what you do, he was fascinated by it.

  5. >i’ve used some minor beadwork in my workq before. it IS laborious.i actually also like how the backside looks.as they say in german:ein schoener ruecken kann auch entzuecken.

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