>Puppy Dog Eyes


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Of course, we stayed out all night after The Dead show, and now, the sun is rising on Haight-Ashbury. As my blue beaded bus heads down the street, it passes an old fire truck. Of course, Rudy can’t keep his eyes off of Dolly, that cute Dalmatian sitting in the back….I think he might have a crush on her… 😉

And, this fire truck isn’t just any old fire truck… This is Engine Co. 6, and it was awarded 2nd Place in the NonWearable category at this year’s Bead Dreams competition! What a wonderful surprise! I am so thrilled! Thanks to everyone who sent me photos of my work at the show. Also, I appreciate your kind comments and emails. *blush* I am very excited about this! So, to celebrate, I finally purchased my own domain name, thelonebeader.com. That means that somewhere in-between all of my beading & blogging, I’ll be busy working on my very own website… 🙂

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  1. >First, congratulation on your award. That is super!Second, thought of your Blue Bus this morning while driving to Wisconsin — passed the East Troy exit and the Alpine Valley exit and thought of Stevie Ray. We are now just outside Milwaukee — a few days late for the B & B show — maybe next year.

  2. >What a thrill to see the Red Ribbon displayed a long side of your fire truck at the Bead & Button show!!! I should be back home in New Olreans by Thursday night. Let know if you would like have me send the picture I took of your Bead Art in display. It was so great seeing those two pieces on display.

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