>Tour Bus


Tonight, my blue bead-embroidered bus stopped backstage at the Grateful Dead show to pick up my friend John. We happened to show up just in time to hear Drums🙂


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As you can see, there’s really nothing glamorous about being backstage at a rock concert. You can’t see much, the music is loud, and it is usually very dark. John is used to it, though; he’s a stagehand, so this was just another day of work for him. Except today, he brought his dog, Rudy. Yes, the REAL Rudy. Rudy is excited because he loves listening to drums. He keeps looking out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the show…

Okay, Rudy, we’ll stay for one more song:)

15 thoughts on “>Tour Bus

  1. >wow, congratulations! i’m very impressed but really not surprised. your work is wonderful…oh btw, do you see my husband out there somewheres in the crowd of the dead show?

  2. >Congratulations, Diana!!! That’s wonderful you placed! Is there a link the the website to see the other entries??I have a friend who is a stagehand and I know from him, that it’s not an easy job.

  3. >Congratulations Dyana! I´m really happy for you!Drums makes me remember…Please tell Rudy to pick up a pair of drumsticks for me. *lol*

  4. >Congrat’s! Your work in the show really did kind of outshine the rest of them…I am so happy for you…Yippeee!The bus looks great!

  5. >Awwww…thanks for your kind words:) It looks like word travels fast! I was thrilled to hear the news about my piece. *blush* I wish that I could’ve been there to see everyone else’s beadwork…And, yes Corky, I’ll get U some acid at the show. *lol*

  6. >I’ve read others comments on the show and them having seen your work there. That is so neat. Congrats to you! I wish and think you should have gotten first, but heck, second isn’t a bad place to be in that show! Hurrah. I’m glad you and Rudy and John listened to one more song!

  7. >Congrats Diana! I saw that Bead Dreams winners on their site too!! I was and am so happy happy happy for you!!!LOTS of great work there, and you definitely deserve your high placing! I, of course, would have put you in first, hee hee, although I’m not saying that in the spirit of poor sportsmanship or anything.

  8. >Congratulations – You took 2nd in Nonwearable1st Place – Nicole Schlinger – Church of the Intercession2nd Place – Diana L. Grygo – Engine Co. 63rd Place – Sachiko Takasaki – Japanesque3rd Place tie – Patricia Kraemer – American Travelerace in non-wearables at the Show

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