>Blue Begonias


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Even though we never left Haight-Ashbury, somewhere along the way, we picked up my sister, Julie:) I’m happy that she’s riding in my blue beaded bus with me. I know I don’t want to be alone on this long strange trip; I want to ride with people I love:)

I wonder, does Julie see the white rabbits?? =:0

13 thoughts on “>Blue Begonias

  1. >OK, Janet — if that blue bus is stopping for you in Colorado I’ll take a train there and meet up with you. And yes, it must make a stop in Oregon to pick up BB. Gads, what a super cool ride that would be with a bunch of beady flower children LOL. Can you make a slight detour LB?

  2. >Can you head out to Colorado and pick me up? Then I want to go see Beading at the Beach in Oregon. I want to take a bracelet making class from her. Oh what the two of you could teach me.

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