>Straight to Haight


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On the next leg of our journey, my blue beaded bus drove straight to Haight Street in San Francisco, CA. This was where the famous Straight Theater stood in 1966. It was first called the Haight, but was later renamed the Straight when it was transformed into a rock concert venue. Many famous rock bands from that era played there, including the Grateful Dead. It is here where everyone gets off the bus. And, so begins the real trip – a psychedelic journey into the colour blue

11 thoughts on “>Straight to Haight

  1. >Hey! you are now in my neck of the woods–are you going to visit Berkeley, also–and stop in at the Free Speech Movement?

  2. >Thanks for the comments. Yes, I started the circles with a seed bead, and I’m using some size 15’s as well…and I always backstitch. I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to do couching… LOL.

  3. >great circles! I wouldn’t have believed you had enough room for them there – but they sure fit and you’ve done like 7 rows on that one circle! Tell me, you started with a seed bead eh? Did you use some 15’s there? Is it all back stitch or are you couching some of it?What a great bus!!!!

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