>Big Blue Bus


Before we continue on our journey, I’d like to show you my workspace in comparison to the size of my bead-embroidered bus. For those of you who are new readers, this piece measures approx. 14″ wide x 8″ tall. I placed a dollar bill next to it so you can see. And, if you enlarge the photo, you can see all the different shades of blue I’m using. There is also a pile of seed beads that are all mixed up. My work table is small and cluttered, but I don’t mind. This is the messiest space in my entire apartment, but somehow it helps create a much-needed sense of balance in my life:)

What does your workspace look like right now? 

16 thoughts on “>Big Blue Bus

  1. >woah that’s a huge bead bus!I guess this would count as my work place. It’s just my room as of…oh 5 min ago :Phttp://i8.tinypic.com/4orrq8k.jpg

  2. >Your work space is relatively organized I must say!I just finished working on a bunch of pottery (well almost) for this weekend and I started to tidy up a bit afterwards. When I can’t find things, that’s when I know it’s time to have a cleaning session. It will last until next week. And, then the cycle begins again.

  3. >Hey! My tray often looks like that! Then I pile my flippies in a basket and then I have to put the flippies away! It’s that in between time when I’m looking for the colour – and it in the basket! I don’t use those glass dishes, I just pour a bit on matt. And I like my piles to be neat! A silly thing really!Cheers, Denise

  4. >Wow! Lots of comments today! :)Yes, I am trying to work on this a little everyday…and Mary, it is difficult to be neat when your an artist. But, I am a firm believer that cleanliness is different than neatness. I see my workspace as clean, but cluttered at the same time. LOL.And, Corky, U are FUNNY! 🙂

  5. >I’m currently working on a tv tray to finish the Exalted Collaboration-because my real workspace is overrun with other jewelry stuff and I haven’t had time to clean that work area. One day I’ll have a REAL studio!

  6. >Cleanliness is next to Godliness and unfortunately we are only artist’s so our spaces get cluttered. Which is fine. I’m starting a new one and it is definitely getting cluttered.

  7. >My workspace is not looking that cluttered currently as I have just finished a piece and only trying something small out. But, oh wow! That’s BIIIIIIIIIIIG! The.Bus.Is.Big.!

  8. >I just love seeing the progress on the bus, almost daily, you must be working really hard? Thanks for the $ as I had imagined it even bigger. Will it be 3D when finished, or flat? You can see my desk where I’m marking GCSEs on my blog, it’s no better since then. I made my first and last beaded purse as a Christmas present this year and my eyes can’t manage more, sadly. so keep going while you can!

  9. >That is one big bus! My work space is a bit of a mess too and I’m well beyond the point where the clutter of beads inspires creativity – reminds me that I should really get around to organizing it!

  10. >It’s fun to see the bus with a little perspective for size. Watching your beautiful beadwork develop is a treat. The grill looks so perfect. Thanks for taking us all on the ride on the beautiful blue bus.

  11. >I’m glad that you put the dollar there so that I can see. Must take alot of work putting that together. Your doing a wonderful job! My work space looks like such a mess I’m not bold enough to show it. LOLOLOL Honest! Thanks for showing yours though. Maybe one day I will be bold enough to show it. Don’t know, I’ll work on that one. *HUGS*

  12. >my workspace is cleared as I have to eat there too…your bus is looking better and better each day! I’m amazed at how fast you are beading this bus!

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