>Couldn’t Stand the Weather


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While my bead-embroidered bus was in Wisconsin, it had to swing by East Troy, which is a small community in the southern part of the state. We had to drop off Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. He had to meet his brother Jimmie onstage, along with his fellow blues buddies Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and Robert Cray. We can hear them playing the song Sweet Home Chicago in the background, but we cannot see them, because it is very foggy. However, we do see a helicopter in the distance. Stevie told Elvis not to wait for him after the show. Despite the weather, he thought it would be quicker to take that helicopter back to Chicago where he’d meet his girlfriend, but that helicopter never made it there…

I wish Stevie had taken the blue bus

9 thoughts on “>Couldn’t Stand the Weather

  1. >I will take pictures with my cell phone and see if I can send them to you for that instant gratification that we love so much.Take care!!– Liz”My beadwork represents my individuality & my belief in personal freedom”http://www.greatlakesbeadworkersguild.orghttp://buzzardbabe.blogspot.com/

  2. >Thank U for the comments. Pheonix, someday I will do beadwork on clothing, but probably on a pair of jeans if I can get a good enough needle. And, FYI, the music track I posted was actually Stevie’s last performance before he got on that helicopter… 😦

  3. >You know, LB, I think the pattern and the blues you’ve used would look stunning as detail on a crisp, summer-white shirt – say along the neckline of a light tunic? Sad story indeed…

  4. >How well I remember that day – I live not far from East Troy and the news was stunning.Love the way you’ve combined music and beading!

  5. >I always enjoy the story that goes with your pieces! Your work begins to bring on a life of its own.I wouldn’t mind going to the Bead and Button show myself. Congratulations for being included!

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