>The Bus is a Rockin’


My bead-embroidered bus simply cannot drive through Texas without stopping in Dallas to pick up Stevie Ray Vaughan. Stevie was was quite an influential blues guitarist. He fell in love with the guitar, and taught himself how to play at a very young age. By the time he was 13 years old, he was already playing the club circuit. His style of playing was strongly influenced by many great blues guitarists, and one of them was Jimi Hendrix. Later in his career, he covered several of Jimi’s songs with his rhythm section, Double Trouble. He even had a left-handed guitar neck installed on one of his guitars to emulate Jimi’s unique sound. So, needless to say, Stevie was thrilled to join this blues tour:)


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Now, which two passengers do you think would cause ‘double trouble’??

10 thoughts on “>The Bus is a Rockin’

  1. >I have no idea! I know that Elvis would be a handle. LOLOLOL Your doing a great job. Makes me want to sing “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again” LOLOLOL Anyhoo, thank you for sharing!*HUGS*

  2. >Thanks for the comments:)Of course, this is a rockin’ psychedelic blue beaded bus! Glad you’re liking it, Mary…:)And, yes, Pinks… thirsty Thursday!! Too bad I have to work tonite… LOL.

  3. >I’d have to say it was the beatles. The english look so prim and proper…but have you ever seen them after a session of binge drinking on a thursday night?xxpinks

  4. >Every so often I go on a Stevie Ray Vaughn binge! Love his music – nice addition to the bus tour. As far as “double trouble” goes, I think the tour is one big trouble! Imagine the jam sessions that would be happening??

  5. >You have no idea how glad I am that someone said the paint job was a psychedelic thing. Whew! She is looking good. I figure any bus to pick up that many guys has to be a girl bus.

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