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Today, my blue bead-embroidered bus stops outside the Whisky a GoGo. This famous nightclub is located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is here where Elvis stops to pick up Jim Morrison. Jim heads to the back of the bus. He is not in the best of spirits because his band, The Doors, just got fired from the nightclub. The Doors were the house band at the Whisky for a while – at least until the night they played ‘The End’

But, why did they get fired? Must’ve been something Jim sang

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  1. >That stripe down the side makes it look very like the Bluebird bus I went to school on in the 1950s, I love the bonnet too….

  2. >Thank you for the comments.Yes, the Doors were actually fired because of the lyrics that Jim sang in the song ‘The End’. That night, Jim sang lyrics that the band never heard before:The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots onHe took a face from the ancient galleryAnd he walked on down the hallHe went into the room where his sister lived, and…then hePaid a visit to his brother, and then heHe walked on down the hall, andAnd he came to a door…and he looked inside…Father, yes son, I want to kill youMother…I want to…fuuuuck you!!!The club manager told Jim that he was “one foul-mouthed son-of-a -bitch” and told The Doors never to return….This particular part is now referred to as the Oedipal section of the song. It is thought to reference ‘Oedipus and the King’, a tragedy written by Sophacles, which Jim worked on while he was at Florida State University.

  3. >Hey, your bus is filling up with all sorts of passengers! I love the curving line patterns that are developing. It gives your bus a real mod 60s feel to it.

  4. >Oh, that’s interesting that they were fired the same night when they played “The End”. Do you really think it was because of this song? Mmmmh … Can’t tell why.

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