>Love Me Madly


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Since this is a magical blue beaded bus, we’re able to drive non-stop straight from London all the way to Santa Monica, California. Santa Monica is just outside of Los Angeles, and it is home of the real Blue Bus. The Big Blue Bus serves West L.A., and since Jim Morrison spent plenty of time in this area, some think that this was the bus that he was referring to in The Doors‘ song, ‘The End’. (This track is posted in the sidebar:)

It is here in Santa Monica where 19-year old Pamela Courson gets on the bus. She was heading to Los Angeles City College to study art. This was where she met Jim Morrison for the first time. They quickly fell madly in love, and although they were never married, they were together for 5 years until Jim’s death. They were not exactly faithful to one another, but they always came back to each other in the end. Pamela was the only girl who understood Jim, and she was the only one who could deal with his volatile personality. Even though Jim saw plenty of other women, Pamela was Jim’s #1 girl. All of the other women were like appetizers and desserts to Jim, but Pamela was his sustenance…

I hope that someday, that kind of maddening love finds me. Or any love for that matter… Life is too short not to love…

8 thoughts on “>Love Me Madly

  1. >”Ive had enough Mad loveI need something I can be proud ofIve had enough Mad loveNo more Mad love”(Eric Clapton)Ok, it is bad love, not mad. But I think it fits! 😉

  2. >I experienced a mad love. It was with a drummer for 5 years. He puts me so, so up that when I falleed down I was very sad. There were intense years lived with great passion … but the fire became extinct very quickly. Now I live through a calm, deep love that he allows me to enjoy the scenery. (You know my english is…)We like your beaded bus. Kisses. Mateo and me

  3. >I like where your bus is headed! I’m not sure I could handle an unfaithful man. It would be really trying on me. God love Pamela for putting up with Jim. I think Phoenix said it perfectly!

  4. >I agree wholeheartedly that life is too short not to love…but a mad love? I’d have to think about that one…it sounds like a lot of drama, and fun and passionate as that sounds, in the long run, it’s draining and frustrating. If given the choice I’d probably choose the quiet love that grows over time. The hood of the bus looks groovy by the way! 🙂

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