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The next stop on my blue semi-beaded British bus is London, and our passengers are none other than the Beatles. In London, the ‘ticket to ride’ is the Oyster Card. It’s a lot like our Charlie Card here in Boston. You put as little or as much money on the card as you like, and you can use it on the Tube and on the double-decker bus. But, in the London Underground, you have to tap your card not once, but twice. Once to get in, and once to get out – otherwise you pay a higher fare. After doing that for 10 days, I still feel the urge to do it when I’m exiting the T here in Boston. I guess I quickly grew accustomed to England…

Anyways, who do you think the Beatles are singing about??
And, who has the next ticket to ride??

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  1. >Don’t know who they might be singing about. I can tell ya one thing though, if I had a ticket to ride from any of the Beatles in that day (if I were alive and the right age) I would have taken them up on it. Great post!*HUGS*

  2. >It’s really coming along nicely! As long as Elvis is picking up rock icons in England, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermit’s, or the Bay City Rollers (although they aren’t exactly icon material – they were fun while they lasted). Marc Bolan, Elton John, Bananarama.But please, leave the Spice Girls hitchhiking

  3. >Thank you for the comments:)Hmmm…could be a psychedelic blue bus…Yes, Sue, the music back then was the best ever. So were the cars they made. BTW, I’d LOVE to see some of your pics from London! Have fun. 🙂

  4. >Hi again, I am just loving the bus’ progress. Also your photos of London. I live 50 miles away and very seldom visit, but I am going tomorrow so may post my views. They won’t be as touristic as yours though, nor such good quality. I am always amazed at how young people still love all the 60s favourites – were they really the best ever?

  5. >”After the breakup of the Beatles, Lennon proudly claimed that it was the first heavy metal song of all time;” (Wikipedia: Ticket to Ride)Ha, ha! That’s funny. Does not sound very much like Heavy Metal to me! 😀

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