Since I returned from Europe, I’ve been having a hard time getting back to my normal beading/blogging schedule. I’m not sure why, but I do know that work and hanging out at the pub after work don’t exactly help, either… I hope you understand… LOL. Anyways, I did get to upload photos that I took in London & Paris. You can view them HERE. I’ll post some pics from Germany at a later date…
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Today’s passenger on my semi-beaded bus happens to be one of my favourite guitar players, Jimi Hendrix. The year is 1969, and he’s playing ‘Machine Gun’, a jam-song with lyrics that loosely protest the Vietnam War:

“Machine gun
Tearin’ my body all apart
Evil man make me kill you
Evil man make you kill me
Even though we’re only families apart...”

During the 1960’s, many musicians protested the war, including Jim Morrison of The Doors. While he did register for the draft at the age of 18, he managed to avoid going to war. He hated & feared the military, and I can’t say that I blame him. At that time, many young American men were randomly chosen by the government to fight a battle that was not theirs. They were forced to carry weapons. They were forced to kill innocent people. They were forced to die for their country. And, soldiers who were lucky enough to return to American soil were forced to live with feelings of hatred and memories of violence – wounds that never heal…

The United States had no business getting involved with Vietnam, and the result proved it. As they say, history will repeat itself…

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  1. >Thanks for all of the comments. Glad everyone is loving Jimi Hendrix, too. And, no, these artists will not live in the bus. LOL. And, as far as the title goes, I thought ‘Casualties of War’ was too long…

  2. >Wow! I can’t wait to see this bus all beaded up! Will the artists be in permanent residence in there? (sorry if that was part of a previous post, I just came, saw, and commented! LOL!)See, every time I think of Jimy Hendrix, I start humming “Purple Haze”… Don’t know why… LOL!

  3. >Hello lone beader now I am so pleased to see you today and will watch as always the bus venture! in beads.taking a look at your photos now so will see you again real soon I am sure.Lee-ann

  4. >Hey D,Haven’t visited in a bit (sorry, kinda busy) but thought I’d say hi. Annanonymous told me that the Diva’s made some mag cover or something. Bet you’re pretty happy eh?Glad to see you’re doing well.Stew

  5. >Well I was going to get onto you about not blogging enough. But, if it’s because you’ve been hanging out at the pub then I guess it’s okay. Totally reasonable and understandable reason. LOL

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