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The next city Elvis takes us on my semi-beaded British bus is Nashville, Tennessee. This is where Bob Dylan recorded his 7th album, Blonde on Blonde. This recording may have been the first double album in rock-n-roll, and it was released in 1966. The above track, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, is was the first song on the album. I’m sure you’re familiar with the lyric, ‘everybody must get stoned’… Apparently, at that time, this song was banned by American radio stations. My guess is, the land of free speech feared rock songs with lyrics that might refer to drugs…:0

Which reminds me, yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about smoking pot. I’ll admit that I have tried marijuana in the past, but it is not something that I particularly enjoy… However, I will say that it is the one drug that I will tolerate amongst friends. After all, God created it:) But, why is smoking pot so wrong, and why must possession of it be illegal?

If it weren’t for drugs, much of the art, music, and movies that we know today might never have existed. And, that includes the music of The Doors. Jim Morrison was heavily into drugs, and they were probably what killed him. But, without them, Jim’s artistic nature may have never grown to the state that it had become. In fact, he very possibly could have ended up to be a completely different person…

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  1. >olá. Obrigado pela sua visita.Este trabalho fui eu que fiz, aliás todos os trabalhos que estão no meu blog foram feitos por mim .para o fazer utilizei um esquema de uma revista

  2. >Quick note for HMBT above:I’ve heard of folks getting a serious “bad trip” on MJ, as occasionally, the THC content is extremely high, and some bodies simply can’t handle it. Also, nowadays, a lot of growers will spray the buds with chemicals to make it look ‘nicer’, or more crystallized. (using such products as PCP, and Windex)Yup, did a whole lot of research on it, I was prescribed some to help me with an eating disorder, as everyone knows, it stimulates the appetite. Also, my husband was prescribed it last year to counter balance the horrible side-effects he suffered through on his ‘regular’ pain medicine.They’re trying to decriminalize it here in Canada. They’ve even got scientists trying to formulate it into some pills, so it would be more ‘acceptable’ to take. Personally, seeing it as an organic drug, I don’t see a problem with folks doing it socially OR (especially) medicinally. However, there are some folks who get addicted to it (yes, you can, both physically and mentally!), and that’s when it gets to be a problem.

  3. >I don’t see the point in Pot being banned…I mean the only people that have anything to fear from the worlds “pot heads” is the pizza delivery person…and then he/she would only get jacked for the pizza. How often to you hear of a pot overdose? How about high on pot bank robbers?I am sure there will always be people who can’t deal with drugs…just like alcohol and ciggs…I just don’t see the resoning behind the pot issue, it should at least be legal to use as a medicine. Great post and the bus is looking so good!

  4. >Being a Who fan, I have “Magic Bus” going through my head just like Miachelle! This is going to be a great one!I had a hard enough time kicking cigarettes, I wouldn’t want to mess with the other stuff and I know what one too many drinks does to me, so I’ll stay away. But I wouldn’t have a problem if pot was legal. I know my mom could have used it when she was going through chemo to help calm the nausea and help her get her appetite back.By the way, on a fluke I picked up “Bead & Button” magazine for June and what a surprise to see “The Divas” in there! I’m sure you probably posted about it, but I’ve had such a hard time getting around to all my favorite blogs! Congratulations!

  5. >Ok, so I have “Magic Bus” playing in my head right now as I read the entry and the comments and check out the progress!I do agree that there are people who can’t handle substances of any kind. And, I think alocohol is as bad as pot. However, in our current cultural mindset, is it a slippery slope? If we legalize pot, then what is next? How do you decide where to draw the line? It’s a tough issue, and I honestly don’t know if we’ll be able to find a happy medium on this one.

  6. >You are moving right along on the bus.Hmmm I don’t know what my thoughts are on the drug issues. There are pros and cons on both sides. I have seen both positive and negative from it too. There is medicinal value too. hmmmm, I will think on this some more.

  7. >It’s simply ridiculous that pot is illegal. Pot is safer than both alcohol and tobacco combined. And come to think of it I think I would rather smoke a joint and drink a cup of coffee than drink a beer and smoke a cigarette. Yeah. 😉

  8. >If alcohol and tobacco are legal, so should the “illegal” drug variety be too. I don’t see the point in keeping drugs illegal. A person is either going to partake or not. I’ll admit, I’ve tried it in the past, but don’t do it now because drugs don’t do a whole lot for me. But, why can I sit down and drink a whole bottle of tequila – give myself a massive hangover and perhaps end up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning, but not relax on my back patio with a joint? Always love the commentary that goes along with the art.That’s why I keep coming back! : )

  9. >Oooh…this promises to be quite the fantastic bus!I’m not quite sure where I stand on the drug issue. There’s the argument for legallizing all drug use based on the assumption that if you take away the sexy, illicit factor, illegal drug use will fall; the quality of the drugs would be better because of government regulation and fewer people would die because of “bad” drugs, etc. I think in theory, this sounds good…but in practice? That’s another story…clearly the current model isn’t working, so where do we draw the line? Should we follow the Dutch model of “brown cafes”? Perhaps that’s the answer…but I doubt politicians have the will to even be able to examine the pros and cons in an unbiased fashion given the power of lobbyists and other interested parties.

  10. >I don’t know why it must be illegal, either. However, I know of people who can’t deal with this drug. Like there are people who can’t deal with alcohol. Or cigarettes. So, if we were consequent, we would forbid these two drugs, too. In ancient times people used drugs for special ceremonies. This party-/fun crap did not play a role back then! Native Americans smoked tobacco even for ceremonial purpose only, as far as I know. It is sad that nowadays we can’t enjoy the magic of this plants in this way anymore but only “exploit” these plants/drugs (incl. alcohol and stuff) for fun purpose!

  11. >Lone I love the my surprise! Thank you so much! It came just after my Birthday too, so that seemed even more special! You know we could keep this going forever!

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