>Mojo Blues


Today, my blue semi-beaded bus heads down Highway 61 to Issaquena County, Mississippi. This is where Muddy Waters was born. Muddy Waters is considered to be one of the greatest bluesmen of all time. This particular song, ‘Got My Mojo Working’, was actually written in 1956 by a woman named Ann Cole, but when Muddy Waters started playing it, it became quite popular.

The term mojo has several different meanings, but in this particular song, the meaning is most likely sexual. This term has been used by many artists, including Jim Morrison, who nicknamed himself ‘Mr. Mojo Risin”. Apparently, Jim lived up to it, too. In 1969, he was arrested for indecent exposure onstage during a performance in Miami… But, was it really indecent?? Just last week, two fans sent a letter to FL Governor Charlie Crist seeking pardon for this behavior so that Jim can be remembered for his music. The Governor is currently reviewing Jim’s case…

What are your opinions on this?
I say, that which cannot be proven shall be forgiven… 😉

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  1. >Jim Morrison quote: “I got acquitted on everything else. We were trying to get this erased because it’s not good to have something like that on your record. It’s just if something really serious happens then you have a record and it looks a lot worse. The trouble with all these busts is that people I know, friends of mine, think it’s funny and they like to believe it’s true and they accept it; people that don’t like me like to believe it because I’m the reincarnation of everything they consider evil. I get hung both ways.” (from a 1971 interview with Bob Chorush in the Los AngelesFree Press)

  2. >Ooooh! I don’t know..I think it all adds to his mystique & appeal!! on another note: I saw Muddy Waters play at The Chance, Poughkeepsie, circa 1989. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

  3. >Anonymous – kudos to your post! Besides, it’s no worse than Janet Jackson’s boob on international television, eh?And why does the “Magic Bus” song keep going through my head when I visit LB’s page? Now, I need music to listen to!

  4. >My opinion is that the staff working on the Morrison pardon are doing a great job! The state of Florida convicted Morrison on something the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Plus, the jury found him not guilty on public intox when he was clearly drunk that night! Morrison was not allowed to put on an adequate defense, plus his appeal was never heard. All of these factors amount to what the law calls “unique circumstances,” and it’s pleasing to see the Governor takes this seriously. It’s great that they are looking at Morrison as a citizen and not as the “rock star.” He was entitled to a fair trial just like anyone else.

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